Sinus Lift

Whether you have recently lost a tooth; received the news that an extraction cannot be avoided...

or you have been putting up with an unsightly gap in your smile for too long and have decided to invest in a beautifully restored smile, our expert Implant and Dental Surgery team are here for you. 

At Truly Dental, your assessment and treatment will be in the hands of our highly skilled specialist in implant surgery and bone grafting procedures, trained under the world’s leading authorities on bone health and structures and associated dental restorations, and dedicated to bringing these ground-breaking techniques and skill into the service of our patients, no matter how complex or challenging their need.

The reason for their extensive training and experience in this area is so that you never need to accept that restoration is impossible – even in notably complex cases involving missing teeth in the upper back sections of jaw, our team can deliver Implant success where patients have previously been told it couldn’t be done, through the use of Sinus Lifting bone augmentation treatment. 

What is a Sinus Lift? ​​​​​​​

What is a Sinus Lift? ​​​​​​​

A Sinus Lift is a surgical bone grafting procedure which is recommended as preparation for a Dental Implant to be placed, in patients who have insufficient bone density and quantity to properly support the required implant. 

Our sinuses are air-filled spaces, which vary in size from person to person, but are always located on both right and left sides of our face, just below the cheekbones. In some cases the sinuses are very large, and their placement can mean that the roots of the upper back teeth can protrude into the sinus cavity. In other individuals, the bone neighbouring the sinuses towards the upper back of the jaw may have been gradually shrinking, in a process known as resorption, over a long period of time – causing the space between your jawbone and sinus to shrink also. 

A Sinus Lift is a process whereby new bone material is added onto the lower part of the sinus, in a surgical procedure involving the grafting of organic or artificial material to foster the natural development and growth of new bone. The area is then left to heal and recover, and the new bone to mature and grow over an average period of 6 months, until it has developed sufficient new, healthy and dense bone structure to successfully support a dental implant. 

If you are considering replacing a lost tooth or teeth with Dental Implants, book a consultation with one of our implantology and bone augmentation specialists today, for a full assessment or even a second opinion, to discuss whether a Sinus Lift may be required to support your planned restoration. A number of different situations can contribute to the need for prior-treatment with a Sinus Lift, most commonly: 

  • If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth in the upper back jaw, especially if the bone in that area has been without teeth for a long time
  • If you have been wearing poorly fitting and uncomfortable dentures due to missing teeth, which can cause more rapid resorption of your bone 
  • If you have lost teeth primarily due to damage from gum disease
  • If your sinuses are particularly large 

Benefits of a Sinus Lift

Benefits of a Sinus Lift

  • Regenerates missing bone to increase the success rate and optimise results from Dental Implant surgery
  • Building up the strength and density of your jaw can improve overall facial aesthetics and have a de-aging effect on your appearance  
  • A time-proved, fully predictable, and safe restorative procedure 
  • Provides additional support to your remaining teeth through the reinforcement of bone affected by shrinkage or resorption 
  • Improves the success and long-term retention of full and partial Dentures
  • Allows patients who were previously deemed unsuitable to experience the benefits of Dental Implants 

What to Expect When Getting a Sinus Lift

Initial consultation

Whether you wish to consult on a treatment plan including one or more Dental Implants, or if you have contacted us for a second opinion regarding a site you were previously told was unsuitable for an Implant, your dentist will first of all carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, and bone to determine whether or not a bone graft will be necessary to restore bone quality and quantity in the area of the space.

Your dentist will use the clinic’s high-tech 3D CT scanner to assess the density and positioning of your upper jawbone in relation to your sinuses, and the extent of bone that would need to be replaced to ensure a successful implant procedure. If a Sinus Lift is revealed to be necessary in advance of further restorative treatment, your dentist will discuss all of your treatment options in depth with you during this consultation, including answering any questions you have about Bone Grafting in general, and address any other queries or concerns. 

At this stage your dentist will be able to provide you with a full treatment plan including the estimated time until completion of not only your Sinus Lift, but also the implant surgery and final restoration, and a detailed and transparent breakdown of all costs involved. 

Sinus lift procedure

Your dentist will use a highly effective local anaesthetic to fully numb your mouth before beginning the procedure, so that your treatment will be completely pain-free and comfortable throughout. 

The Sinus Lifting procedure itself is generally a very straightforward and minimally invasive treatment – with an average success rate of over 95%. The process involves your dentist carefully making a small incision in the area where your molar or premolar teeth may have previously sat. From here, a small opening is then made into the sinus cavity and the restorative bone graft material will be placed. This will mature and fuse to your natural bone over a period of approximately 6 months, until it has become strong, dense bone which can successfully support your dental implant. 

Finally, your dentist will close up the incision with dental sutures, to aid in the rapid healing of the surgical site. Your dentist will always be able to advise you of the timeframe for proceeding with your implant surgery following the healing of your bone, to ensure optimal results, and will schedule you for a follow-up appointment as the next stage of your full treatment plan, before you leave the clinic following your procedure.

Sinus lift recovery

In most cases a Sinus Lift conducted by an oral surgery specialist is a simple and uncomplicated procedure. The immediate effects of numbness from the local anaesthetic used during your appointment will wear off between 4 to 6 hours following your visit, and care must be taken during this time to avoid accidentally biting or burning your lips, cheek, or tongue. 

Most patients will experience some mild to moderate discomfort, swelling, or bruising in the days after the procedure itself, however this is a perfectly natural part of the healing process. Your dentist will prescribe you with appropriate medication to promote your recovery, in addition to providing you with thorough guidance on beneficial aftercare of your mouth and teeth to ensure the healing period is entirely manageable – most patients can expect to be fully recovered after 1 week. 

Questions? Answers

Why would I need a Sinus lift?

If you are considering replacing a gap in your smile in the upper back of your jaw with a Dental Implant following the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth, it is possible that you will be among those patients who require a Sinus Lift procedure prior to implant surgery. The need for pre-treatment via a Sinus Lift is more likely to be indicated when multiple teeth have been lost due to gum disease in that area of the mouth, as this can also have an impact on bone health. 

Also the longer an area of bone in your jaw has been without a tooth, the greater the loss of density and shrinkage of the bone and the greater the chance that you will need pre-treatment with a Sinus Lift bone graft. More rapid resorption of the bone is also often seen in cases where the patient has been wearing poorly fitting dentures for a long time – and even in patients who have particularly large sinuses. 

During the healing process of your Sinus Lift procedure, the graft will bond to your remaining bone, regenerating that foundation for a solid, secure dental implant to be placed effectively, safely, and successfully. 

How long after a Sinus Lift do I have to wait before I get my Implants?

In most cases it will be necessary to wait at least 6 months, on average, to allow your newly grafted bone to integrate and mature, before it will be ready to successfully support your dental implant. 

How do I know if I need a Sinus lift?

If you are considering Dental Implant treatment to fill a gap or gaps in your smile due to missing teeth, then your treating dentist will take a detailed CT scan to assess your bone health and density, including quality and quantity. If on assessment there is found to be insufficient bone in the upper back area to support an implant there, your dentist will then recommend a Sinus Lift bone grafting procedure to prepare the upper jaw to successfully support your Implant.

Is a Sinus Lift painful?

Not at all, your dentist will use a highly effective local anaesthetic to ensure your mouth and jaws are fully numb prior to beginning any treatment, making the entire procedure completely pain-free.

It is quite normal to experience some discomfort, swelling or bruising after this procedure – this can be minimised and relieved by following the aftercare instructions given to you by your dentist at the end of your surgical appointment, and discomfort is typically very manageable at home using these measures and readily available over-the-counter pain medication.  

At Truly Dental we do also offer for this procedure to be carried out under dental sedation for any patient who would prefer this treatment experience – this alternative is particularly popular among nervous patients or those who find dental procedures difficult to tolerate due to anxiety or stress.   

Is a Sinus Lift procedure dangerous?

The process of surgical Sinus Lifting is a long- established and proven dental procedure with a very high success rate of over 95%. The only complications typically experienced following a Sinus Lift are very rare but also relatively minor in impact, and include sinusitis or infection taking place in the days after the procedure. Even these uncommon side effects can be easily avoided by following your dentist’s post-procedural aftercare instructions carefully and fully.  

How long will it take to heal after a Sinus Lift?

The initial healing period after a Sinus Lift procedure is typically about 1 to 2 weeks. After this time you can expect to no longer be experiencing any pain, swelling, or discomfort. 

It then takes the bone an additional 6 months to fully mature to the state where it can support a Dental Implant. 

Can I get a Dental Implant without a Sinus Lift?

While it is possible for some patients to receive surgical Dental Implants to replace missing teeth in the upper back quadrants of their mouths without first undergoing Sinus Lift treatment, this will always depend on an assessment of your individual case. If you are soon to have a tooth extracted, or you wish to fill a long-standing gap in your smile from a previous tooth loss, your dentist will take a CT scan to assess the quality and quantity of your bone to determine if your case is suitable for a restoration with a Dental Implant, and whether there is sufficient healthy bone to support an immediate implant, or you will require a Sinus Lift graft as a necessary first step to successfully support the implant.

If for any reason you do not wish to undergo the recommended Sinus Lift procedure, unfortunately your dentist will not be able to proceed with your dental implant, as there will not be adequate bone structure to securely anchor the implant in place, and that intensive and costly dental procedure could easily fail and cause further complications. 

Your dentist will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have regarding bone augmentation, and will only proceed with that preparation with your full understanding, consent, and enthusiasm. If a bone graft is just not for you, they will likewise be able to look at alternative treatments with you to replace the gap in your smile using a variety of proven restorative procedures, such as Dental Bridges or Dentures.

How much does a Sinus Lift cost?

At Truly Dental, the cost of a Sinus Lift procedure starts at €1,800. 

The total cost will vary depending on the size and complexity of the sinus graft required, which your dentist will be able to determine and inform you of during your initial consultation in the preparation of your treatment plan. You can explore additional information regarding the pricing of dental implant treatment here to learn more about tooth replacement options following your bone graft.

We believe in providing you with fair prices and complete transparency when it comes to cost. Your dentist will always give you a detailed cost breakdown of all stages as part of your specific treatment plan at your initial consultation at the outset of your treatment with us. They will be able to discuss with you all of the payment plan options we have available at Truly Dental to best suit your treatment goals, situation, and budget. 

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