Give your smile a nudge in the right direction.

Give your smile a
nudge in the right

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As we grow our teeth
can go this way and that, and
nature can be a little messy!

Orthodontics help straighten teeth out a little - or a lot - so that your natural teeth can look and function at their best.
At Truly we make straightening your smile easy and hassle free. Pop in for a consultation and we can find the right
treatment plan for you. We offer a full range of kids braces, adult braces, 6 month braces and Invisalign braces.
That’s a whole lot of future smiles!

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If you are worried your teeth are a little
we can set them straight with 
Invisalign® or 6month smile therapies.


Explore our full range of treatments below. 

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Invisalign® Aligners

Custom-made, pain-free, metal-free teeth alignment.

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6month Braces

The fastest way to straighter teeth (with tooth-coloured braces).

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Kids Braces

Get those little teeth on the right path.

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Give your smile a nudge in the right direction.

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Questions? Answers

What are Invisalign attachments?

In order to apply tension to certain teeth and direct them into the correct position your dentist will place ‘attachments’ to certain teeth. These small attachments are made from a composite resin material, similar to that used for some dental fillings. They are completely tooth-coloured and so are barely visible. No drilling or anaesthetic is required to place these tooth attachments, and after your treatment is complete your dentist will remove all the attachments in a very straightforward and painless procedure.

How long does Invisalign take?

The majority of Invisalign cases are completed from start to finish in 1 to 1.5 years. While treatment time is closely correlated to the complexity of the individual case, some shorter time frames than this are possible with milder cases of misalignment. 

Your dentist will be able to give you a detailed treatment plan with an exact estimated time until completion after your teeth have been scanned and the treatment plan put in place at your first appointment. And once you have begun with placing your first aligner, you will move onto a new aligner, gradually correcting your teeth, every 2 weeks, with a monthly check-up with your treating dentist. 

Is Invisalign really invisible?

Invisalign is extremely discreet and inconspicuous, and definitely invisible from a distance, including most photography. It may become slightly noticeable only when someone is up close to you due to the tooth-coloured attachments - however even then it is extremely subtle.

Can I eat normally with Invisalign?

Yes absolutely - your Invisalign aligners are completely removable, and so can be taken out when eating, allowing you to eat what you like without discomfort, staining, or worry of your aligner breaking. The fact you can remove your aligner makes them the most hygienic option available and a breeze to keep clean. 

You should make sure that you eat a balanced diet and minimise sugary foods to reduce the risk of tooth decay while wearing your aligners and maintain excellent oral hygiene habits like brushing after each meal where possible. We also strongly discourage smoking while wearing your Invisalign aligners to avoid staining them and preserve the life of your aligner sets. 

Can I get Invisalign if I’ve already previously had braces?

Yes, in most cases Invisalign is a great way to address relapse following previous orthodontic treatment. If your specific case is more severe or complex then another orthodontic method may be required for you to achieve your teeth straightening goals. At your initial consultation to discuss Invisalign your dentist will always carry out a full examination and assessment, with the goal of working with you to best realise your dream smile, before recommending the best course of treatment for you. 

Do 6 Month Braces hurt?

All orthodontic treatment will cause slight tenderness when your new brace causes your teeth to begin to move. You can expect minor discomfort following your initial appointment when your braces are first fitted and after you have your braces tightened, usually at your monthly monitoring visits. This discomfort can be effectively managed by over-the-counter pain relief and will begin to fade on its own after 24 hours. Some patients actually report no pain at all during treatment!

Will 6 Month Braces cause damage to my teeth, roots or gums?

No, the 6 Month Brace technique is designed to use low forces over a controlled, short period of time to move the teeth safely. It is actually high-force techniques, employed over a long period of time, which carry risks of damage to the structures of the mouth.

In fact, undergoing this treatment and correcting any crooked or crowded teeth makes it much easier to maintain regular, effective oral hygiene habits of those teeth, leading to an overall cleaner, healthier mouth which in turn will reduce your risk of developing any dental disease and their complications.  

Can adults really wear braces?

Yes absolutely! Many of our patients first came to our clinic due to missing out on the opportunity of having braces when they were younger, or because they are experiencing teeth relapse back to their original position. At Truly we believe that no one should be left wishing for a straighter smile, and all our orthodontic treatment is carried out on adults only.

While some patients will have been advised that the optimum time for them to have treatment with braces was during their early teens, to utilise the natural growth of their jaw around that time, we have found that the only significant differences in receiving treatment with braces as an adult versus at a younger age are the advantages that come with knowing clearly what you want and what you value – adult patients seeking to correct and straighten their smiles using braces tend to be highly motivated, which is one of the most important conditions of all successful, long-lasting orthodontic treatment.

Let’s make the most of that smile.

Let’s make the most
of that smile.

Bright, naturally aligned teeth can enhance
your youthful appearance and boost your
daily confidence. Check out our full range
of cosmetic treatments.

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Don’t let bills put off to tomorrow what we should get done today.

Don’t let bills put off to
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get done today. 

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