Stress-free <em>dental bills</em>with <br> three easy <em>payment plans.</em>

Stress-free dental bills with
three easy payment plans.

Not only do we offer competitive pricing
but we also support our patients with
0% interest-free payment plans.

Putting your oral health first is our priority. That’s why we offer interest free
payment plans to every guest. We believe that transparency and clarity about
pricing is an important part of providing the best oral care for everyone who
comes through our door. At your first consultation your dentist will give you a
detailed summary of the procedures required and the cost of your treatment. We
will also discuss the payment options you can choose from. We are very flexible on
working with you to provide a payment plan that works for you, so together we
can focus on getting you started on your health and well-being.

Explore our payment methods below.

Pay The Full Cost In Advance

In choosing this option, you will receive a 10% discount of the total balance of your treatment plan

Pay As You Go

If preferred you can pay for each stage of your treatment as it is completed. In those situations you will always be given a detailed breakdown of your full treatment plan by your dentist, so you will be informed in advance of the cost of each procedure stage, to be paid at the clinic on the day of each treatment.

Monthly Payments

We work closely with the company to allow you to set up a direct debit to cover your entire treatment cost, with no down-payment or deposit required.

Questions? Answers.

Is there interest applied to the various payment plans?

Whether you choose Pay as you Go in-house payments for your total treatment plan with Truly, or to set up a monthly direct debit payment plan through GoCardless, there is a guarantee of 0% interest applied.

There is simply a deposit of 10% of the total cost of your treatment if you choose to pay as you go for each stage of your treatment as it is completed. 

Will a dental payment plan affect my credit history and rating?

Your credit rating is only affected by financial institutions, for example banks and other state and private lending agencies, and their reports of your repayment history to the Central Credit Register, operated by the Central Bank of Ireland. No routine reports are ever made to the CCR by Truly Dental regarding any of our offered payment plans. However, if a direct debit payment plan is set up through GoCardless and these payments are defaulted on, this legal information may be reported to the CCR, which can affect an individual’s personal credit report in the future.

What happens if I default on my monthly payment?

If you have completed your treatment with Truly Dental and have a payment plan set up through GoCardless, this will simply continue until the total treatment amount has been paid. 

Our clinic offers a variety of payment plans to ensure that the best in hi-tech, modern dental care is affordable and accessible to our patients. However, these payment plans are offered at the discretion of the clinic, and if a monthly payment defaults and the issue cannot be rectified with the patient in the first instance, then failure to honour the payment plan will result in the patient being asked to pay the remaining balance in full to the clinic within 5 working days, to avoid legal recourse being sought. 

I want to make a bank transfer , how do I do this?

you can make bank transfers by contacting our accounts team who will be happy to provide you with our IBAN for transfer along with account name and address. Please email 


Which banks qualify for payment plans with Truly Dental?

Our highly experienced front of house team can facilitate your advance payment or pay as you go payment plan fully compatible with any Irish bank. Standard charges may be applied separately by your bank to card payments made in Ireland if your bank is located in the UK, the EU or otherwise internationally. 

If you choose to set up a monthly direct debit payment through GoCardless, their service is compatible with all Irish banks, in addition to bank accounts located in the UK, the Eurozone, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. 

Is there a minimum or maximum total treatment amount to qualify for a payment plan?

If you are choosing to pay all of your total treatment plan in advance, to avail of the 10% discount of the total by doing so, no minimum or maximum amount applies. The same is true of our in-house Pay as you Go payment plan, which does not have any minimum or maximum total amount limits. 

If you choose to set up a direct debit monthly payment plan with the clinic facilitated through GoCardless, then a total treatment amount of €1000 does apply – this is however no maximum limit to the total treatment plan cost which can be paid monthly in this method, over a 6-month, 12-month, or 18-month period. 

Do Truly Dental accept dental insurance?

Yes, at Truly Dental we accept most major Irish dental health insurance providers, including: VHI, DeCare Dental and Laya Healthcare. More information about this method of financing your dental work, and about our hassle-free option of submitting a Direct Pay claim for all qualifying VHI and DeCare patients, can be found here. 

Our team can discuss your treatment and payment options with you at any time! 

Call Truly Dental or click below to speak with our knowledgeable front desk team and book an initial consultation today


Can I receive an additional 10% discount if I pay upfront when using a deal?

Unfortunately, no. You can only utilise one discount at a time, so paying upfront won't grant you an extra 10% off.

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