Dental Surgery

Your dental surgery needs are in very, very good hands.

Your dental surgery
needs are in very,
very good hands.

Ready to get started? Book your free consultation online now
Ready to get started? Book your free consultation online now

Our dental surgery teams are
Truly the best at what they do.

In fact you should know that your Truly dentist is an over-achiever!
Wisdom tooth removals, minor soft tissue surgery, specialist implant
procedures; If you require dental surgery it’s good to know that all
our dentists have taken on extensive additional training, making
them experts in complex surgical procedures.

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Our oral surgeons offer expert advice
on the best treatment plans for you.

At Truly we focus on providing our talented dental teams with cutting
edge equipment & techniques to deliver safe, stress-free, effective
dental surgery for all our guests. Remember, your dentist is always
available to help you better understand your surgical procedure and
aftercare regimen, so that you come to the chair relaxed and reassured. 

Explore our full range of treatments below. 

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When a tooth’s root needs a little pruning.

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Bone graft

Repairing and rebuilding damaged bone for a healthier mouth.

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Fissure Sealants

Resin protection for growing back teeth in little - or large - mouths.

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An oral surgery procedure to treat tongue-tie for better oral health.

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Wisdom teeth

These famous back four teeth can sometimes cause issues.

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A simple procedure to snip and heal damaged gums.

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Protect your teeth from the nightly grind.

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Sinus lift

A procedure to make it easier to place upper jaw dental implants.

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Tooth extraction

We make taking out problematic teeth as pain-free as possible.

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TMJ Treatment

Treating strained jaws for happier chewing, swallowing and chatting,

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Put some confidence (and a little titanium)  in your bite.

Put some confidence
(and a little titanium) 
in your bite.

Whether you are missing a single tooth or all of
your teeth - the gap can leave a dent in your
confidence. Dental implants are the best
substitute for your natural teeth. 

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Get Truly inspired by the dental journeys of our clients.

Get Truly inspired by the
dental journeys of our clients.


Check out all our clients amazing results
in our smile gallery.

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