Dental Lab

Your mouth deserves
all the benefits of
digital dentistry!




No more gritting your teeth!
Our digital dental scanner is here to help

Lots of guests don’t like the process of getting their impressions taken, so we now
use 3D imaging software to map your mouth. This process is more comfortable, and
also enables us to get more accurate mapping of your mouth and provides us with
rich data that enables more precise fitting of implants, better informs guided
surgery, and better informs every decision we make with you.

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Digitally enabled dentistry is changing
how we plan your oral wellness.

We have embraced 3D Printing,
Cone beam technology, and
Computer assisted design/
Computer assisted milling

Having an on-site lab allows free flow
of communication and faster
turnaround times. With the help of
innovative software we will scan your
mouth and bring it into the digital world.

From here the possibilities are endless.

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Meet the Boris Lab team

Our specialists are our pride.

In our lab we design digital mock smiles for
verification and fine tuning as well as mill
full contour glass ceramic crowns.

We are able to keep costs competitive by keeping manufacturing in
houseand passing on the savings to you — the patient . From Implants to
mouth-guards to a completely new smile, we do it all.

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