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Orators, whistlers and hummers, show your mouth some love!

Orators, whistlers
and hummers,
show your mouth
some love!

Ready to get started? Book your free consultation online now
Ready to get started? Book your free consultation online now

We’re here for the oral health
and wellness of people of all ages. 

We’re here for the oral health and wellness of people of all ages.
With a gentle touch and the best of technology we make all our
guests as comfortable as possible. We believe in addressing any
issues before they become problems — so we try our best to make
regular trips to the  dentist an easy and pleasant part of your oral
health regime. We guarantee the highest standard of care and
always work to keep your costs down.  Your mouth is truly amazing
(so remember to look after it!)

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More different than you thought
a visit to the dentist could be…

Our staff are on a mission to provide refreshingly pleasant and excellent
dental care for all our guests. We use the very best in digital dentistry
and pain management to make every visit super efficient and productive.
As partners in your ongoing oral wellness, we know that great
communication is key to your longterm oral health. Your dentist will always
discuss your individual treatment plan with you, so you have a clear
understanding of your oral health goals. We want you to walk out of here
smiling (and actually looking forward to your next visit).

Explore our full range of treatments below. 

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Composite Fillings

Composite resin fillings that match the colour of your teeth.

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No Prep Veneers

Ultra-thin covering for uneven, gapped, or chipped teeth.

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Dental Emergency

When you really need a dentist we’re always here for you.

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Exam, Scale, & Polish

Your toothbrush can’t do it all!

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Hygiene Services

We want to be your oral wellness partner

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Oral Medicine

Treating growths, ulcers, infections, & allergies.

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Periodontal Treatment + Root Debridement

Deep-cleaning therapy to remove tartar buildup.

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Receding Gums

A happy mouth needs healthy gums.

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Orofacial pain

Identify the source and cause of pain, and find a solution

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Taking the anxiety out  of dental bills.

Taking the anxiety out
of dental bills.

Dental bills can be daunting - we get it. We offer
competitive rates for all procedures, because we understand
that everyone’s situation is different. Explore our
price list for more details.

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We created a seamless online check-in system to battle your procrastination!

We created a seamless
online check-in system to
battle your procrastination!

Busy people put off going to see the dentist for all sorts of reasons
(we get it!). You can book an appointment right now on your phone.
When you show up we’ll give you a chance to brush up before we
get going. As you get out of the chair and walk out the door, “ping,”
we’ve set up your aftercare and your next appointment. Come early
or come late — the important thing is that you find the time to give
your mouth the care it deserves — so we’re here to make your oral
health as seamless as possible. 

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