Digital Smile Design

Try on your new smile before you commit to treatment, through the ground-breaking, simple-step process of Digital Smile Design!

At Truly Dental Clinic, our aim is to collaborate with our patients as their partners in dental care. That means putting the skills and expertise of specialist dental professionals at your service, and utilising only the best in modern, innovative materials and techniques to craft the smile of your dreams. Digital Smile Design allows you and your dentist to plan your perfect, beautiful smile together, with your full input on the size, shape, and shade of your teeth – with the expert advice and experience of your specialised cosmetic dentist every patient will have the tools to shape a stunning, natural-looking smile which authentically compliments and enhances your facial features and subtly works a wonderful transformation to your entire appearance. 

Digital Smile Design allows you and your dentist to take the time to craft a smile that is as unique as you are, so that you can have complete confidence in your treatment choices and guaranteed peace of mind that you can look forward to proudly unveiling your beautiful final results.  

Using modern imaging and modelling software and dental fabrication, it is now possible to:

  • Appreciate and review exactly how your finished results will look, not only on a screen, but as a physical model you can try on and try out – all before beginning treatment
  • Go beyond visualising, and suggest any adjustments to the shade, shape, or size of your smile design, many of which can be incorporated on the spot
  • Take as many pictures in as many poses and expressions as you like, for your own record and to get that all-important feedback from your friends and family 

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

  • Try out your new smile with zero commitment 
  • Have your say in your ideal smile features 
  • Remove the uncertainty element from dental treatment 
  • Enhance your natural facial features with the help of Ireland’s leading cosmetic dentists
  • Smile with confidence knowing that you were involved and informed in your treatment every step of the way, and made the choices that were best for you

What to Expect From Digital Smile Design

What to Expect From Digital Smile Design

Initial consultation

During this initial consultation, your dentist will take the time to fully understand your smile goals and what results you would like from your treatment, discussing with you any concerns or issues that you currently have with your teeth, and carryinh out a full examination. Based on their own extensive experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry - as well as the priorities and goals set by you - your dentist will make an assessment and produce a recommended treatment plan for you to achieve the visual impact you’re hoping for, and detail all of the options you have within that to realise your smile vision. 

Following this, we will then take high resolution digital photographs of your smile, in various poses and expressions, as well as close-up pictures of your mouth, and finally a 3D digital mould of your teeth to produce a thorough digital record. Communication with your dentist is key during this consultation, as your dentist’s analysis of your unique facial and dental characteristics are integrated at this stage with your own desired changes and augmentations to your smile, to produce a preliminary virtual model of how the end results of your treatment plan will look. 

This means that your dentist will be able to share with you a visual representation of how your smile can change, demonstrating how it will look in the full context of your face and with plenty of time to make any further suggestions or adjustments to the projected size, shape, or shade of any element, until you are fully happy with the appearance. 

This virtual mould is then forwarded to our skilled dental technicians in our fabrication lab, who will use the Digital Smile Design process to design the exact details, contours, and shading that go into a natural, pleasing smile that's tailor made to suit your face. Once the final design is ready, a 3D model will be fabricated from that plan, and you will be invited back to the clinic for a fitting and feedback appointment with your dentist. 

Using the scans and photos our skilled dental technicians will design your smile, keeping in mind your end goals. They will then create a mould from the final design. In some cases you will be able to see your smile virtually on you at this stage. 

Fitting and adjustment visit

At your next visit, your dentist will be able to use the 3D mould from our dental lab, to recreate a full, temporary model of your new smile which is placed directly over your teeth. 

Trying out your new smile as a wearable model means that you can see exactly what your planned treatment will look like once it’s complete, and even give additional feedback and suggestions to your dentist on the day, which can in most cases be easily incorporated into the design on the spot. This is also a great opportunity for you to take as many photos, videos, and selfies as you can, to record the smile moment and to send to friends and family for their reactions and feedback. 

Once you have been able to ask your dentist any questions you have and agreed any final adjustments until you are completely happy with the outcomes you can expect from your treatment plan, you can schedule your next visit to the clinic to begin the first treatment to begin bringing about these smile changes for real. 

Questions? Answers

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a high-tech process that uses 3D design and rendering software to create a full visual presentation to show you how your smile would look after completing your proposed cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. 

This technique involves your dentist taking pictures and 3D impressions of your teeth to import into the Digital Smile Design program, where we can build on your priorities and needs for your new smile, using your dentist’s experienced and specially trained aesthetic and restorative knowledge to virtually model the new shape, size, colouring and alignment of your smile – all without having to perform any real-world procedure on your teeth. 

Using this digital visualisation, or a 3D model fabricated from this design which your dentist can place temporarily directly over your teeth, this process allows you to ‘try on’ your new smile and see how it will look in situ, in full motion alongside your overall facial appearance and expression. A Digital Smile Design consultation supports your dentist to build your smile directly out of your vision, realised in full 3D for you to review, interact with and fine-tune until you are completely satisfied – giving you the confidence in your treatment plan to fully deliver the exact smile of your dreams, entirely eliminating any worry, uncertainty or confusion from the treatment experience. 

Which treatments can be shown with Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary innovation in the planning of cosmetic dental procedures. It is most effective for showing the end results of Veneers, Composite Bonding, Dental Crowns and 'Smile in a Day' treatments.

Do I need to see a dentist before I have my Digital Smile Design?

Yes, the consultation with your dentist allows them to construct the design of your new smile based on an examination of your teeth as they are, including any specific concerns or issues you are experiencing, as well as enabling them to incorporate your individual goals and priorities for your treatment. It is out of this consultation that your dentist will advise you on what treatments will best meet your needs and achieve your ideal smile.

High-resolution digital photographs including both full-face images in a variety of poses and close-ups of your teeth, are also a requirement of the Digital Smile Design process, and our clinical staff have been expertly trained in capturing the necessary quality digital images to implement the design process. 

Will the Digital Smile Design process show me exactly how my smile will look at the end of treatment?

In fact, a patient’s finished smile after the completion of their treatment will often look even better than the visualisation from their Digital Smile Design! However, taking the time to carefully plan the finished smile in partnership with your dentist, taking your feedback and wishes on board at every stage, always helps us to deliver a final smile that fully meets your expectations. The Digital Smile Design not only gives a very accurate representation of your final results, but also facilitates this communication of your goals with your dentist, and alleviates any doubt, uncertainty or worry you might otherwise feel about your end results.

Why should I choose Truly Dental Clinicfor my Digital Smile Design?

At Truly Dental Clinic we understand that you have not been considering undertaking transformative, cosmetic dental treatment only to completely lose the unique character of your face and appearance overnight, with a poor, cookie-cutter made smile that is easily read as dental work to those around you. 

We see the subtleties that make your smile uniquely yours, and our highly experienced, cosmetically trained dentists are skilled in the design and artistry of crafting a beautiful, natural smile that is still recognisably yours. We know that there is no one size fits all ‘good’ smile, there is only your vision of your ideal smile, and our expert specialists are at your service to help you realise that dream smile, while retaining the natural character that marks it as a true representation of your individuality.

How much does Digital Smile Design cost?

At Truly Dental Clinicthe Digital Smile Design process starts at €150.

Your dentist will also be able to provide you with a full recommended treatment plan during your initial consultation, including a detailed breakdown of each stage of your treatment post-design stage, allowing you to be fully informed and plan ahead. We are delighted to offer multiple payment plan options at Truly Dental Clinic to give you the freedom to make choices that best suit your treatment needs, lifestyle and budget. One of our available plans allows you to pay for your treatment monthly, with absolutely no down payment required and at 0% interest!

Considering a cosmetic dental treatment to revamp your smile, but anxious about regretting the end result?

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