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Teamwork and flow is at the heart of everything we do: from our highly qualified specialists
delivering world-class dental treatments, to our amazing hospitality team who take every
patient through a genuine, warm human experience from first phone call to last-minute
mints. If you’re as driven as we are to keep finding new and better ways to turn our
patients’ ideas and anxieties about going to the dentist on its head — to anticipate, to
comfort, to delight, and most importantly, to Truly care… then it’s time for us to talk.

World Class Standard of Care

We believe in the right intervention at the right time, and put patient outcomes and satisfaction above all else. Our treatment studios are designed around a core of state-of-the-art dental technology to guarantee our clinicians are working with the most accurate diagnostics and finest restorations and materials — delivering our patients handcrafted, beautiful aesthetics that they’ll love.

Grow Your Career

The drive towards excellence sets our team apart — we want you to realise your potential and be the best you can be as much as you do. Truly provides technical and leadership training and in-house mentorship, alongside free access to online and overseas dental courses from world-renowned experts. Feel empowered to develop your full skill set — and see a clear path towards growth.

Creative, Collaborative Culture

From our expert patient-side clinicians, who work closely with our dedicated in-house dental lab, to our rockstar support staff who keep every wheel turning — at Truly, every voice matters. Finding new ways to be better tomorrow than we are today takes everyone, and we know that the next great idea can come from any one of our amazing teammates.

Commitment to Progress

Diversity and inclusion are essential to our vision and our team. A visit to your dentist can’t be a Truly amazing experience for everyone without everyone — every identity, experience and perspective comes together in our workspace to make it happen

Respectful Work-Life Balance

We understand that durable careers start with a work-life balance that works for you. Flexibility is built into how we do things, offering increased availability to patients means that we have a working pattern to suit everybody. No arriving early or staying late — your hours are really your hours.

Your Deserve a Little Extra

We do dental differently; our studios are designed to refresh and surprise patients — and you. From break rooms loaded with healthy snacks and drinks, to free uniforms and laundry services, to paid company holidays that support career progression and development — we thrive when you thrive.

Relax! We’re taking the
stress out of dentistry
(And replacing it with comfort).

If you are a little nervous about visiting us we get it. That’s why we
created dental studios with a relaxed environment. Lighting, scent,
decor — all designed to turn down your anxiety and maximise your
comfort. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quiet space to brush up before
your appointment? Of course it would! So we have a brushery in every
studio. Book an appointment and experience all the small things that help
you experience a truly different dental environment.

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Your oral health deserves
every advantage digital

We’re committed to always getting better through tech-enabled
procedures. Better mouth scans mean more accurate implants and
better procedure planning — which leads to happier guests with
better oral health. Working smarter is a no-brainer!

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