Kamran Raiysat

Kamran Raiysat

  • CFO
  • Kamran Raiysat is a partner here at Truly Dental

Kamran is the backbone of Truly Dental’s accounts, financial and risk management department. After completing postgraduate and research degrees in Pakistan – graduating with an MBA in Banking and Finance in 2011 and an M.Phil in Finance in 2018 – Kamran set his sights on expanding his already vast experience in the fields of accounting, financial management and internal auditing with a move to Ireland to complete an MSc in FinTech (Financial Technology).

Kamran’s professional career began in 2004 with a part-time accounting role he held while working simultaneously on his BComm in Commerce. After graduation, he joined the Head Office team of an established non-profit organisation, where his abilities and drive quickly saw him rise up through a number of different roles over his years of service, from internal auditor and accountant to Senior qualified accountant and ultimately Chief Financial Officer. Over that time Kamran has qualified as a certified member of several internationally recognised accounting bodies, most recently through the Ireland and UK recognised Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Advanced Diploma course in 2021. 

Kamran’s passion for continuous learning and professional development have been a hallmark of his career, and one which has enormously benefitted the institutions of which he has been a member. His active involvement in the development and implementation of innovative financial procedures, risk management strategies and internal control systems have contributed to Kamran’s research for his own published works – he is the author of several peer-reviewed academic papers and book chapters in the areas of microfinance, accountancy education, and the economic environment of multinationals. 

Kamran’s keen interest in the modernisation and data analytics potential of FinTech motivated his move to Dublin and MSc graduation from the National College of Ireland in 2020. From the very first day of his joining Dame Street Dental’s Head Office in early 2021, Kamran has been a dedicated and vital member of our welcoming, inclusive professional culture. Our practice commitment to excellence in client care and implementing modern, leading-edge solutions perfectly aligns with his own, and every member of our team has benefited from Kamran’s professional advice, financial expertise and forward thinking. 

Outside of the office, Kamran likes to switch off and indulge in as much travel and tourism as he can. When not working or traveling the globe, he loves to unwind by cooking with family and watching movies. Whenever he is away from his work, he loves to do cooking and watching movies.

Kamran Raiysat is a partner here at Truly Dental

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