Evelyn Romero

Evelyn Romero

  • Lab Manager

Evelyn’s professional journey began as a professional Radiographer in Venezuela, gaining hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced medics. Having developed her career confidence, she felt compelled to venture beyond her homeland and explore new opportunities.

In 2014, Evelyn arrived in Ireland hoping to enhance her English skills and advance her career prospects. She immersed herself in learning the language, experiencing Irish culture, and pursuing a business degree. This unique blend of medical and business acumen opened doors to successful career transitions.

In 2018, she entered the dental lab industry, starting in the plaster room and gradually specializing in designing digital smile makeovers. She quickly made advances and gained significant proficiency through dedicated practice and the utilization of Exocad software.

A strong believer in continuous professional development, Evelyn actively undertook management responsibilities, overseeing inventory, coordinating schedules, and optimizing resource allocation. These experiences allowed her to develop a well-rounded perspective and the ability to balance creativity with efficient management practices

Outside of work, Evelyn finds fulfillment in reading, captivating stories, and embracing nature’s beauty. Sharing moments with friends and family is also a source of joy, fostering meaningful connections and creating lasting memories.

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