Aiza Revazova

Aiza Revazova

  • Partner - Head Nurse & Clinical Coordinator

Aiza graduated with a distinction from the full-time Dental Nursing diploma course in Trinity College Dublin in 2020, and her impressive academic bona fides coupled with her track- record of proven hands-on knowledge earned through her training at the Dublin Dental University Hospital made Aiza a perfect fit for the clinic and she was brought on board like a shot to the Truly Dental team.

Her education and intensive training experience at the Dental Hospital have equipped Aiza with the clinical skills, background and competency to assist confidently in the widest range of different specialities that span the field of dentistry. Upon graduation and joining the clinic, Aiza hit the ground running and has been continuously expanding her expertise daily, crucially employing her broad knowledge working closely with the clinic's distinct dental specialists to assist on a diverse spectrum of procedures, from fundamental, time-tested treatments to exceptional, ground-breaking surgical and implant techniques.

From day one, Aiza's ambition and commitment to the values of Truly Dental were apparent, as was her determination to elevate the standards of patient care and satisfaction within the clinic by perfecting her own abilities. As our nursing supervisor, Aiza works as the right hand to the entire management team, ensuring the delivery of only the highest quality patient care, comfort and outcomes through coordination and communication between our clinical teams in all aspects of the practice. Aiza is also one of our Treatment Coordinators, and is a vital part of ensuring that patients know they have picked the right practice with Truly. 

In her work, Aiza lives to put a smile onto other people's faces, whether that's creating an exceptional experience and comforting atmosphere for our patients through her positive mindset and reassuring personality, or dedicating herself to building team cohesion and an affirming, warm working environment for all of her team members. At the end of a busy day in the clinic, Aiza loves to relax with a good film, and if she hasn't been on the go every minute of the day she'll even stay awake for the entire movie! 

Aiza Revazova is a partner here at Truly Dental

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